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Spyware and viruses are the most insidious problems your computer will face. According to the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center,(Note: Opens in new window) your computer may be compromised after only 18 minutes of Internet connectivity. On March 1st of this year, over 2.15 million attacks were reported in a single day.

These programs (collectively known as "Malware") come in many different formats. Malware's influence can range from minor (changing your home page) to severe (making your system totally inoperative). Here is a short list of some common types:

Hijackers - these programs change your home page or search utilities to something other than was originally intended.

Trojans - named after the Trojan Horse, these programs are designed to accomplish the same goal, sneaking into your computer and then allowing access to every part of your system by a remote party. Often, these trojan programs are used to install even more malware on your computer or use your computer for illegal activities.

Keyloggers - this type of malware makes a record of keystrokes that you make on your computer and/or takes pictures of what is showing on your screen, and relays that information to an outside party. These programs allow others to eavesdrop on all your communications, capture passwords, account numbers, etc., and giving them complete access to your personal information, and allowing identity theft on a grand scale.

Internet security and awareness was even the subject of a recent study. The results may be found here. (Note: opens in new window.)

If your computer is exhibiting signs of instability, slowing considerably, or showing signs of activity even when you are not using it, you are probably the victim of any number of these malicious programs.

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