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Why should I buy a custom built computer?

Basically, You get what you pay for. "Why not buy a mass-produced system?" You might say, "Mass-produced systems are cheaper and they come with everything needed in a computer" . In a sense this is true. For years we have heard people say, "All I need a computer for is to browse the internet and to check emails" . For this purpose, most new computer systems will do.

Then one day they go down to their local discount retailer and purchase the latest and greatest game to hit the shelves. Only to find out that this game will not run well, or even at all, on the computer they just bought a month or two ago.

A majority of first-time computer consumers make this same mistake. The reason mass-produced systems are cheaper, is because the manufacturers cut corners. Not to say that the system isn't built to quality standards, but whose standards? The manufacturers standards may not be the same as the latest industry standards/or specifications. Many mass-produced systems are based on that particular manufacturers' own proprietary motherboard, case, power supplies, etc. In other words, the hardware used is usually sub-standard to save costs.

This doesn't make for a truly high-quality system or an easily upgradeable one. Major components, such as the motherboard, cannot be upgraded or replaced by just simply going down to your local computer store or buying it online. No, this has to be purchased only from the manufacturer, and it will typically be higher than what you could get from a hardware reseller, if it is available at all. Not only that, but it will be the same sub-standard part originally installed in the computer.

You might be asking yourself, "Don't they use the same parts as a custom built system would?" In a manner of speaking, Yes. They use a motherboard, a hard drive, a video card, and all the other hardware components necessary to build a computer. The hardware used though, is most likely sub-par. Take for instance the video card. Video cards come in all different flavors, from the top of the line NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT to, say, an 3Dfx VooDoo (which in it's day, 6 years ago or so, was top of the line). Most of the time the video cards used in mass-produced systems are stripped versions (OEM) of the original card. Another manufacturer cost-saver, and therefore another sub-par piece of hardware delivered to the masses.

Other things to consider are the motherboards. Motherboard chipsets are another important component to the computer system. The latest chipsets implement the ability to use the latest hardware. Hard drive standards are also changing. New hard drives are based on the Serial-ATA specification, instead of the older ATA or Ultra ATA spec.

The key point of a custom built computer is the ability to upgrade and change it to whatever suits your style. Not only that, but for inexperienced users, it can grow with them. 100% of the parts used in a custom built computer can be bought from any computer hardware reseller, retailer, or computer store, on-line or locally. Motherboards, processors, video cards, hard drives, etc., can be upgraded and replaced as seen fit. There is also a higher level of support. A mass of reference materials and forums can be found on-line, to help you as you grow.

So, is it worth it to buy a mass-produced computer for a couple of hundred dollars less than a custom built one? In our opinion, NO! That's why we custom build computers.

We can't stand to see people being taken advantage of, especially those who are inexperienced when it comes to computers. We are a company who believes in providing consumers with a well-rounded, quality computer product. We only build computers to last the duration.

If you're into buying a whole new computer every six months to a year, a custom built computer may not be for you. If you want a computer that can be easily upgraded to the latest hardware, then a custom built computer is exactly what you need. Nascent Computing would be honored to build your next computer system.

All of our custom built computers come with a full one-year on-site service and support warranty. The same warranty as you would receive with any mass-produced computer. Get your money's worth. Buy a Nascent Custom Built Machine. You won't regret it.

Not yet convinced? Keep reading...

(The truth the big boys don't want you to know!)  


 Mass-manufactured computers are made based on focus groups and cost-benefit analysis. Most of these computers are shipped with software that you will never use. Why? Because by including other companies' products on their computers, the computer makers get a "kickback"! As much as 25% of the cost and performance of a name-brand computer is often wasted on "features" that few people actually use, why pay for this waste? The quality and performance of today's computers should be judged by much more than just megahertz and brand names. Most retail computer salespeople, however, are not trained to explain or understand computers, they are trained to sell computers. Although the reliability of name-brand computers has been increasing, the quality of support has plummeted! Recent surveys show that it's not unusual for the average computer problem to take several calls and hours on hold to resolve (Source: PCWorld magazine).

 Even paying over $150 extra for "on-site" support doesn't guarantee someone will be there anytime soon. In short, an "off-the-shelf" computer is built and sold for their bottom line, not yours! A custom-built computer, on the other hand, can be as basic or as complex as you want it to be. You choose the options, you choose the software, all based on what you want and what you need. You don't pay for a massive advertising campaign with blue aliens, talking cows, or teenagers that say "dude"; you don't pay for years of overpriced internet access; and you don't pay for tech support that will leave you on hold for hours on end. You only pay for the computer you need, and sales and support that cares about you!

 All individual components installed in a hand-built computer must meet Industry Standard Architecture standards. This means that all of the parts in your computer will be top-shelf and easily exchangeable or upgradeable when necessary. Buying a custom-built computer is usually no more expensive than buying one with a brand name and has certain benefits. Custom-Built Computers are always more simple and less expensive to upgrade or repair down the road. This is because the parts are all separately installed and therefore easier and cheaper to replace. Also, customers receive original distribution diskettes (CD format) of installed software, which means no having to take home your new computer and make backups of the installed software yourself! Finally, when you buy a custom-built computer, you get exactly what you want and need. Why pay for hardware and software that you may never use?

Whether you need assistance with your home or business computer, Nascent Computing is ready to help. Please take a moment to look over the various other services we provide, or join the growing online community at our Forum. If you have any questions, or need immediate service contact Nascent Computing today!

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