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NEWS: In keeping with our dedication to serving our customers, and in consideration of the upcoming holiday season, we will not be accepting new custom computer orders after December 1. We thank you for your understanding, and wish everyone a happy Holiday Season.

If you are looking for your next computer, Nascent Computing is here to help.

 Whether it's a tricked-out LAN box, a super-fast Gaming System, the perfect Home Theater PC for all your entertainment needs, or even an impressively exclusive Executive Workstation, we can help you get the best computer to fit your wants and needs, without the hassles and disappointments of a cookie-cutter system from the big manufacturers.

 After an extensive consultation, we will build the perfect computer for you, not what an anonymouse marketing department thinks you should have.

 Take a moment to look through the various types of systems we offer, as well as the informative article about "rebates" typically offered by big-name retailers and computer manufacturers. We think you will be suprised by what benefits a custom built computer can offer for you.


 For further information, or to schedule immediate service, contact Nascent Computing today!

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