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  If you need more capability than your current computer possesses, but are not ready to put down the money required for a new system, upgrading is the key. Depending on your particular situation, there are a wide number of items that could improve your computing enjoyment. We can install more or faster memory, a faster CPU, install a CD writing drive, or add a new, more powerful video card for a fraction of the cost of a complete system.

  Perhaps all you need is new peripherals, an upgraded mouse, add spacious surround sound, or a faster, quieter, better performing printer. We can help you install and calibrate that new steering wheel and pedal combo, to make your driving games a true experience, or add a throttle, joystick, and pedal combo to give you the ultimate realism to your flight simulator.

  Even if you are tired of the same old beige box, and are looking for a new exciting look, we can help you with case replacement or modifications such as plexiglass windows looking into the box, neon lighting, mini-LCD screens that list information about your system or multimedia files currently playing, or most anything else you can think of.

Whatever you want, Nascent Computing can help you achieve, contact us today!

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